Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Prom, teenage hormones and lack of focus

Despite all my good intentions this blog has been neglected and so much has happened since I wrote about my puppies.
The main event in the Shepherd household was that my son went to the Prom with his girlfriend, this might be normal in most US households at this time of year but remember we a Brits and prom is a foreign concept. So somehow the girlfriend got him into a suit and tie for the first time in his life, my son is the casual sort of guy, so all credit goes to the power of the girlfriend. It was my job to get him shoes and he seemed to think that I was being unreasonable to request his presence on this shopping trip, but he soon realized I expected him to try them on and so he appreciated me needing his feet at least to be in the shop. Shoes bought and tux on, he looked amazing even if I am biased and his girlfriend looked great too.
The other things going on in the Shepherd household is school holidays have arrived and so there is no peace in the house as teenagers are always in packs and never travel alone and the cupboards are always bare. I am unsure how Revival will fare during the vacation as my focus seems to be dominated by teenager girls in skimpy bikinis and teenage boys just being loud.
So watch this space for the updates from hormone city and hopefully there will be the occasional new Revival item too.

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  1. lol revival, with 2 teenagers at home I understand completely!
    The schools here have a prom now, its the big event at the end of the year, My middle Son wore an evening suit to his he did look posh apart from the long hair!