Sunday, September 19, 2010

Help I need your time management hints !

Children are back at school but the time management problems still exist so this is now a forum so we can all share our tips and hints for making the most of the time you have . Someone out there must have a way to make my life more efficient and I can imagine I am not the only one trying to juggle all the roles we play on a daily basis. Drink more coffee is not an option !!!!

Each day I get up , make coffee and try and decide what is the most important and by the end of the day I often feel as though I have got it wrong. My choices are -
Option 1 -spend the day sewing to build up stock for my upcoming sales events and just ignore the computer , I keep making sea horses and they keep selling, i am so pleased about this but contrary to popular belief they do not reproduce on their own,
Option 2 - do I sit down and list new things on Etsy, (should this be done everyday) which seems to be such a time consuming business especially trying to get those photos right, and then when I have listed I have to spend time promoting the new items or what is the point listing them and then I inevitably get involved chatting with some of my fantastic etsy and FB friends . Oh and dont forget playing in the BNRs !
Option 3 - keep Facebook and twitter up to date and make sure all that love is linked and cared for, and I love seeing what everyone else has been up too , oh yes and this neglected blog needs some love.
Then there is
Option 4 - Design new things , which is always what I want to be doing but always seems to get pushed to the bottom of this list, you should see my book of ideas one of them is going to make my fortune if they ever get made.
And of course I have
Option 5 - Go and find my new fabric , which needs to be done often but the searches are always unpredictable.

And of course somehow fit in all the Mother duties.

SO how do you guys do it !!! I know that some of you have superpowers but surely not all of you so I need your help to get through the build up to this holiday season.