Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Eco Owls.

Just a quickie to let you know about a new arrival in Revivals shop. Since the creation of Revival my daughter has been saying "make owls mum " and "everyone loves owls mum" so after being on my 'to do 'list for nearly a year I have made some. I have to agree with her they are cute and lovable and totally eco friendly. Each one is made with a combination of recycled fabrics and there is vintage fabric is there too. I can make custom owls if you have a favorite color combination so just let me know what you like. Any feedback would be welcome because at the moment I am relying on a 12 year girl for my critiques.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Prom, teenage hormones and lack of focus

Despite all my good intentions this blog has been neglected and so much has happened since I wrote about my puppies.
The main event in the Shepherd household was that my son went to the Prom with his girlfriend, this might be normal in most US households at this time of year but remember we a Brits and prom is a foreign concept. So somehow the girlfriend got him into a suit and tie for the first time in his life, my son is the casual sort of guy, so all credit goes to the power of the girlfriend. It was my job to get him shoes and he seemed to think that I was being unreasonable to request his presence on this shopping trip, but he soon realized I expected him to try them on and so he appreciated me needing his feet at least to be in the shop. Shoes bought and tux on, he looked amazing even if I am biased and his girlfriend looked great too.
The other things going on in the Shepherd household is school holidays have arrived and so there is no peace in the house as teenagers are always in packs and never travel alone and the cupboards are always bare. I am unsure how Revival will fare during the vacation as my focus seems to be dominated by teenager girls in skimpy bikinis and teenage boys just being loud.
So watch this space for the updates from hormone city and hopefully there will be the occasional new Revival item too.

Monday, June 14, 2010

New Puppies ready for adoption !!!!

Today was the day that saw the arrival of my two new puppies and the old revamped one.
The first two are named Bill and Ben after two childrens characters in the UK , they were not dogs but flowerpot men and I am not going to try and explain that any further, I think it is a case of you have to have see it. But back to Bill and Ben they are a pair of lovely pink and purple Scottie dogs and are ready for adoption, no paperwork required except for a click of a paypal button. They are low maintenance and fully house trained, they can be rehomed together or separately with out any emotional damage occurring to anyone.
The next revamped puppy is not for sale , she is Charli my Golden Retriever and she had her first haircut today as she was driving our pool filter insane. After a traumatic session at the groomers , I think she mourned the loss of her long golden locks, she looks like our puppy again and is enjoying all the attention, but she is a bit quiet for Charli and my husband thinks she is still in a mood with me for not consulting with her about her new image.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You all see the great tempting give aways on everyones blogs these days , well guess what ! I WON,
The blog was , she is a fantastic photographer and the prize was one of her prints and you could choose which one you wanted, I fell in love with the London Eye at Dusk as it reminded me of one of my routes home in London, and now I have it, and it is amazing and evokes so many memories of sitting in traffic on the North bank of the Thames. Please visit her shop and see all the great prints she has, the travel prints are just one of the sections and check out the blog you could be the next winner.

Her etsy shop is

And keep entering those giveaways you never know when you could be as lucky as me.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Fantastic weekend !!!!

Ok Guys I am not being very good at this blogging business but I am trying, I need at least one extra day in the week just for computer stuff. But it is Monday and it is my new weeks resolution that i will blog today. I had a great weekend and it was all Revival related , on Saturday I was selling at the Lycee International de Los Angeles (LILA), a great French school that was having an international day and it was great fun, there were dancers from around the world, everyone was wearing national costumes and my fav was food from around the world, I ate all day starting with crepes for breakfast and ending with french pastries on the way home in the car. The lovely children of the french school exhibited their great taste by loving my Revival Animals so it was a good day all round.
Then on Sunday I travelled south to meet a fellow etsian to wander around the swap meet at Irvine college and I scored. loads of great vintage fabric and just good stuff. You will see the results very soon. It was a great swap meet I had never been before, well worth a visit if you are a SoCal person, prices were good and lots of choice.
So Monday morning arrived and with it a herd of giraffes, my husband says they are doing the conga and he claims that is the only dance the British can do !!!!! I am deeply offended by this remark and can only think he spent too many holidays at Butlins Holiday camps as a child and he has memories that are not normal for the British population , what do you think !!!