Monday, June 14, 2010

New Puppies ready for adoption !!!!

Today was the day that saw the arrival of my two new puppies and the old revamped one.
The first two are named Bill and Ben after two childrens characters in the UK , they were not dogs but flowerpot men and I am not going to try and explain that any further, I think it is a case of you have to have see it. But back to Bill and Ben they are a pair of lovely pink and purple Scottie dogs and are ready for adoption, no paperwork required except for a click of a paypal button. They are low maintenance and fully house trained, they can be rehomed together or separately with out any emotional damage occurring to anyone.
The next revamped puppy is not for sale , she is Charli my Golden Retriever and she had her first haircut today as she was driving our pool filter insane. After a traumatic session at the groomers , I think she mourned the loss of her long golden locks, she looks like our puppy again and is enjoying all the attention, but she is a bit quiet for Charli and my husband thinks she is still in a mood with me for not consulting with her about her new image.


  1. Love these new adorable puppies!
    They are sooo cute and colorful!

    Please give Charli a *hug*, too. :)

  2. Love the puppies, and Charli is simply gorgeous!! Please give her pretty little head a pat for me :)