Sunday, April 3, 2011

Owls, Chickens and Cupcakes for Spring.

I thought just maybe you would like to see the Spring Additions to my ipod/phone cover line. I have been in the UK and came across these delightful fabrics and decided to make some new cases with it. I have owls, chickens, cupcakes and so much more . I am happy to take custom orders for all my cases , I make all sizes laptops, ipads, nooks, whatever, it you send me the dimensions I can make it .

Monday, January 17, 2011


Just a quick addition to the previous post , Charli is having a great New Year, this is her on New Years Day , lets hope it is a sign of things to come. She send her love to all of you .

I am so BAD

Back in September I promised to nurture this blog and I communicate with you guys on a regular basis and it is now January and there have been no new posts, now some of you may be relieved that I have not been posting but that is not really the point of a blog so I am trying to get this moving !!!!!!

What have you all got planned for 2011, new products ? new marketing ideas ? more of both and of course more SALES ? please feel free to share your new ideas and photos here , I would love to see them and of course so would everyone else.

My 2011 plans ! I have so many lists ( I am an obsessive list maker ) I am not going to bore you with the plan i will just inform you all as things happen, I think it is better that way and you cant hold me accountable to my resolutions. That is not meant to be an excuse but you really do want want to read these lists.

Just a bit of catching up to do , in November I opened a retail space in Santa Monica with my good friend Robin Wisdom, she has the best line of yoga gear ever , it is called Peace Love and Wisdom , I wear it all the time and I dont do yoga that often, the clothes are so comfy and the cotton is a fantastic quality , you should really check them out. And of course the retail space is full of my Revival products some you will know from my website and online shop and some that are new for the shop only , if you are in the area check it out , the address is Merchants Mart, 2411 Main Street , Santa Monica , CA. I would love your feed back on the shop , let me know what you think !

OK I am going to hand this over to you guys for your feedback and New year resolutions , and we can make sure you stick to them .

Happy New Year , lets make 2011 a really good one, I am sure it will be if we all help each other