Sunday, July 25, 2010

Neglected Blog and Lavender Hearts

I want to say two things , firstly I am sorry that I have not been writing anything on this blog lately , I am not sure if anyone is at all bothered about my lack of blogging but I did say i was going to try and write often and secondly where on earth do you fantastic bloggers find the time to do all the great writing.
My life is not that interesting but it is just too busy and blogging gets put to the bottom of the list.
For all you mums out there with younger kids let me warn you that the summer holidays are a disaster when you have teenagers and teenagers friends. I presumed that now my kids are older (12.15.17) I would have lots of time to myself to sew,blog and generally be creative but No, these teenagers are a demanding race, they want food all the time and they enter your kitchen like a swarm of locusts and just devour everything they see, I would not have believed the amount of time I have spent in the supermarket this holiday. They want lifts everywhere and as I encouraged them to get jobs and do swim camps etc I suppose I have to help get them there and back, so when I am not in the supermarket I am playing taxi driver. And when I am actually allowed to be in the house with time to work there are so many comings and going it is just impossible to get things done so role on september and the new term and hopefully back to creativity !!!!

Now I have finished making excuses for my lack of communication let me show you what i have been up too, i have started creating this great little lavender hearts with adorable charms on them.
They started when i wanted to jazz up a present i was giving to a special friend and I did not have a card or a gift tag so i thought I would make one of these . They really are cute and you can use them for so many things, I fill them with organic lavender and flax seed and I get the charms from Cards and Craft on Esty. I love this shop.
Have a browse through my shop and if you cant find a heart in a color you like just let me know and I will make one for you .


  1. Always great to read up about you , Rev! Beautiful blog, and the hearts are just precious! And, I second it, is the best :O)

  2. I am so excited about the orange heart I received on Friday. It smells delicious - and is very well made. I'm a very happy customer!

  3. Oh I love these little hearts! I'm now following your blog. :)

  4. First, I find the time to blog every day because I DON'T have teenagers, or any kids at all, in my house! :-) That was a decision we made many years ago!! It has had it's drawbacks, but having my time be MY time is not one of them!...And secondly, the hearts are adorable!

  5. Soon the teenagers will be gone, you'll have quiet summer holidays and miss those days of going to the grocery store several times a week!!

    Ya right! I'm trying to convince myself of the same thing right now.


  6. What was it I said before 'there is no mum in taxi!' You'll miss them when they are gone but then they usually come back again, look at where I'm living now! Anyway, enjoy your summer madness or not and keep the creations flowing. Thank you so much for mentioning me in your blog.


    Cards & Craft

  7. thanks guys, dont get me wrong I love them but WOW do thet eat a lot LOL

  8. Helga, my two are constantly eating me out of house & home as well....and I finally had to put my foot down to my daughter who wanted 15 other 19-yr-olds over for a party. Sure! In my teensy house!!

    Love the hearts!! The three I bought are all over my house!